Vegan Life: Making the transition

By 22/11/2018 May 31st, 2019 Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan life is possibly one of the most talked about lifestyle choices of today. With so many of the population embracing vegan life, why is it that it’s catching on so rapidly amongst the nation? The modern world has opened up many opportunities that make vegan life more adaptable now than ever. Doing your research on what a vegan life consists of and how you can make the most of the new ways of achieving this lifestyle before jumping into it is a great place to start. There are now hundreds of articles, videos and forums where people have shared not only their transition to vegan life but also the reasons behind their choice to make the leap. Learning as much as you can about vegan life before you get started will allow you to familiarise yourself with all the aspects of a vegan lifestyle. From diet tips to travel suggestions, there is a whole world of vegan practices waiting to be discovered.

The reasons behind embracing vegan life

There are many reasons why people opt for a vegan life and choose to adapt their day-to-day actions and behaviours to fit the bill. Whether it’s for the exceptional health benefits of the vegan diet or the moral stance it holds over animal cruelty, being vegan can be incredibly positive and often only requires small changes. The three main reasons why people choose to pursue vegan life tend to be based on animals, health and the environment. Preventing the exploitation of animals, boosting your body’s immune system and reducing your carbon footprint are all reasons to go vegan that make a difference to the world we live in.

Making changes both big and small

Once you have gotten to grips with the reasons behind embracing vegan life, it’s time to make the transition. Although the word ‘transition’ makes going vegan sound like a long, hard process, it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and mindset, vegan life can come quite naturally.

Start with vegetarianism

If you’ve never altered or changed your diet before, jumping straight into vegan life may not be the best way to transition. Cravings, weight changes and digestion issues are just some of the issues you could face if your body isn’t quite prepared to instantly go fully vegan. Starting off as a vegetarian is a great way to ease yourself into the vegan diet; the changes aren’t as dramatic and you’ll be eased into vegan dietary changes much easier.

Know what you can eat

Possibly one most of the challenging aspects of vegan life is knowing exactly what you can and can’t eat. Becoming a master label reader will quickly fall into your bank of natural talents when doing the weekly shop. Preparing yourself with the skill set of being able to identify what makes a product vegan or not is something you will quickly get used to. However, don’t be afraid to use the internet to your advantage. There are hundreds of social media pages, websites and forums that give you a rundown of what you can and can’t eat as a vegan, making shopping simple.

Know what products you can use

Many perceive going vegan as being all about changing up your diet, however, cutting out meat and animal by-products reaches so much further than what we have for each meal. There are heaps of non-food products on the market that are made in unethical ways and use animal products. Identifying and subsequently not using these products is a big part of vegan life. Beauty products, fashion items and everyday materials aren’t always cruelty-free or vegan-friendly. Making sure you know exactly what’s in your moisturiser, what your jumper is made out of and the tattoo you’re considering is vegan-friendly can be tedious, but putting animals at the heart of your life and your choices is what vegan life is all about.

Build your community

Being part of social media groups, events and forums is a great place to meet like-minded people. Improving your knowledge, getting guidance and hearing about other peoples’ transitions to vegan life is a great way of helping your own transition. Communities are also perfect places to swap recipes, lifestyle inspiration, events and top places to shop and eat as a vegan.

Most importantly, don’t compare your vegan transition to anybody else’s. Just like everything in life, we all take on changes at different paces and in our own unique way. Your vegan journey is personal to you, so doing things in your own time and on your own terms will help make the transition to vegan life much easier.

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