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BBQ must have – Irresistible Harissa Chicken

By 14/06/2014 June 14th, 2017 Blog - View from the Rock Pool

Make the most of the last British summer, bring out barbecue as many times as possible. If you are running out some ideas what dishes you could do for BBQ other than the usual hamburger and sausages, you may like to try out this punch of flavour Harissa chicken recipe:


– 2 tbsp of Harissa paste (you could find it in supermarket)
– 3 tbsp of Natural Yogurt
– 500g of chicken tight fillets / fillets. (Can replace with lamb cutlet it you wish)
– 1 tsp of soy sauce
– one pinch of chilli powder ( if you like to have a bit of kick)
– one onion
– black pepper

harrisa chicken


Mix the Harissa Paste, yogurt, soy sauce, chill powder and black pepper into a bowl. Stir until they mix evenly, and add in the chicken and onion. Fold in the mix sauce with chicken & onion. Marinated for at least an hour.

Put the onion on the foil with the sauce, cook on the bbq until it’s soft.

Can serve it in wrap/ bun/ naan bread. Add any serving sauce you like. Enjoy! If you don’t like the idea of BBQ, you could always oven grill the harissa chicken.