Becoming Sustainable: How you can create an eco home

Eco homes are a great way that you can make your life a little more environmentally friendly. Creating an eco home is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment whilst having fun with the design of your home. There are lots of ways that you can bring your building up to speed with the advancements in eco home adaptations and technology but before working on achieving greater efficiency, it helps to understand what an eco home is.

What is an eco home?

In short form, an eco home is an environmentally friendly and low impact home that is designed using materials and technology that are don’t use a lot of energy and high in reused and environmentally friendly materials. Transforming your traditional house into an eco home doesn’t have to be hard work. With a range of materials, designs and technology available to help you create your dream interior that sits well with mother nature has never been easier.

Elements of an eco home

Transforming your house into an eco home, whether it’s starting small or making large investments, is pretty simple, there is a whole range of improvements that can make your home more eco-friendly.

The Build

Believe it or not, your home can be designed as an eco home from day one. Building with materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly is a great place to start. Making sure that your home is fully insulated and airtight is a really sustainable way of conserving as much of the heat you put into your home as possible, meaning that the monthly heating costs are much lower. The way in which your home is actually built is a great way of determining it’s eco-friendliness. Building your eco home using reclaimed or sustainable materials rather than PVCs and plastics will support the environment whilst enhancing the overall look of your eco home. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with where you live, the materials and technology that can be used when creating an eco home will allow you to achieve just this

You can also help make a difference to the environment by becoming more sustainable with how you use energy in your day to day life. Installing solar panels is an amazing way of producing light and energy without the detrimental environmental effects. Swapping out single glazed windows for something a bit thicker is also a simple solution to ensuring that less heat and energy are lost.

Day to Day

An eco home doesn’t always have to focus on the physical features and building processes. The small steps you take in your day to day life are essential for tackling environmental problems and championing sustainable. Rainwater harvesting, composting and growing plants on your roof are all ways of making your home more interesting and is a viable way of living a little greener. The less you rely on unsustainable ways of living and the more ways you can live off what is around you is the key to not only running a greener home but a sustainable and green life.

How having an eco home helps the environment

Having an eco home is definitely a hot topic in today’s modern society. With such a vast array of benefits, it’s no wonder our growing population is so focused on making sure that the way we live and where we live are as eco-friendly as possible. Having a home that focuses on a clean way of living allows for a much more natural and pure living environment. Taking the time to adapt your home will leave you with a living environment that is free from harmful chemicals, toxins and pollutants.

As well as having its sustainable benefits, eco homes are often self-sufficient. Whether they’re powered by solar energy, wind or water, having and maintaining an eco-friendly home is far more effortless than in years gone by. Green building materials are now more durable than ever and require much less maintenance over time, helping your home to look newer for longer and saving you money on costly repairs.

As populations grow and become more aware of their environment, the demand for eco homes and their low running costs, are now highly sought after. If you own your own green home, its value will be higher than most. Sustainability is key when it comes to building a home that is green, and its benefits both on the environment and individuals show just how successful and popular the eco home is becoming in the modern market.

Eco homes are helping many people become much more aware of the way they live and thrive. At Paguro we believe in making the most of what is around us and embracing natural and beautiful upcycled products. Go online to find out more about how we repurpose a range of materials to make an extensive range of eco-friendly and cruelty-free bags, belts and accessories.