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DIY Reed Diffuser using Essential Oils

This is my personal project of trying to create a less chemical home. I want the space to smell great, but not fill with the synthetic fragrance that make me sneeze. My own creation of Reed Diffuser using therapeutic grade essential oils.


1. Fill the empty bottle with about 1/4 of the base oil. I have used Young Living V6 in this instance.

2. Add 30 drops each of your favourite essential oils. As I have made it for the bathroom, I choose Purification and Bergamot essential oils. Purification helps to remove odour and Bergamot helps to uplift the mood.

3. Cut the bamboo skewers to the length you like. Add any recycled ribbon you can find from your shopping or gifts.

Et Voila! Done. Natural reed diffuser with no synthetic fragrances. Enjoy! Share your creation with us 🙂

Simply put on the window display at your bathroom to create the Zen feeling.

Note: I personally chosen to use Young Living products. You can purchase via www.youngliving.com. If you want to find out more details, you can contact us by email.  My sponsor and enroller ID: 1202281. 

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