How can I pay?

We accept the following payment methods:
– Master and Visa Debit / Credit cards
– Direct bank transfers
– PayPal, either with your own established account or with a credit card

For wholesale customers, we will e-mail you with a separate invoice for your order.

Is it safe to purchase online?

Yes, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for every transaction in order to ensure that your order is secure.

What makes Paguro unique?

In short, the individuality of each of our products. The bags and accessories are made from a range of recycled and repurposed materials, which give each product its own character. All of our products are made by hand, giving our designers greater freedom to create distinctive designs.

To find out more about this creative process, see the processes pages for our inner tube products / crocheted plastic bag products (link to our our designers/process)

Are the products ethically produced?

We work with small scale and artisanal producers in both Europe and South-East Asia. All of our producers strive to ensure that their products are made in a socially conscious manner. Our Cambodian producer, Smateria, provide free childcare for their employee’s children and provide working opportunities for women in impoverished areas. Our Indonesian producer, Sapu, provide free accommodation for their employees, in addition to paying a wage in excess of the country’s prescribed minimum. We support their efforts by sharing their creativity with a wider audience and by paying a fair price for every product that they make for us.

To find out more, please visit each designer’s page – Smateria / Sapu

Why use reclaimed and repurposed materials?

We strive to make a difference to the environment by making use of the world’s abundant and unwanted man made materials. Not only does the use of these materials have environmental benefits, it also reduces the demand for new materials, alleviating the pressure on the world’s diminishing natural resources.

The use of existing materials also alights our designers’ natural creativity. They use the existing attributes of the materials to enhance every product. With slight variations in pattern, texture and colour, these unusual materials ensure that every product is unique.

To find out more about our upcycling, see the processes pages for our inner tube products / crocheted plastic bag products.

Are the products suitable for vegans?

The only products unsuitable for vegans are those which use natural leather offcuts. On each individual product page, you will find the material that we have used. Just hover over the material icons for confirmation.

To find out more about the materials we use, see our materials page.

Will the recycled inner tubes leave a black mark on my skin or clothes?

The material is carefully cleaned before it is used and so far we have received no feedback from customers that marks have been left. The material is entirely water resistant and so the products can be cleaned without causing any damage.

Does the inner tube products smell of tyres?

Initially, yes. The products still carry the smell of the tyre but that will fade quite quickly once the item is in regular use.

What is the texture of inner tube and is it thick and heavy?

The rubber has a soft texture and its thickness is around 1mm. Despite this, the material is extremely durable and hard wearing. The heaviest product we have is a messenger bag, which is around 1kg in weight. This is still lighter than many other leather messenger bags of an equivalent size.