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Green Tea Bath Salt with essential oils – Create your own Home Spa

Inspired by Japanese Green Tea Onsen (hot spring spa in Japanese), my DIY version of home spa blend – Green Tea Balt Salt.

Green Tea is pack full of anti oxygen, great healing property for skin and body. I have chosen Peace and Calming Essential Oils to enhance the smell. Like it’s name suggest, the aroma from Peace and Calming make me feel peaceful and tranquil.

I have used dead sea salt, which is great to help soften the skin and soothing the muscles. Alternatively you can use Epsom Salt or Himalayan Sea Salt.


  1. Filled 1/4 of the jar with bath salt, add in 2 tablespoon of green tea leaves, and drop about 30 drops of essential oils (depends how strong you like the smell).
  2. Add another 1/4 of the bath salt and bend them evenly

Et Voila, its ready to use. I sometimes even use it as body scrub. Display together with the Home Made Reed Diffuser at your bath room to create the Zen feeling. Too find out more how to DIY Reed Diffuser using Essential oils, please see my other post: https://paguroupcycle.com/diy-reed-diffuser-using-essential-oils/

Note: I personally chosen to use Young Living products. You can purchase via www.youngliving.com. If you want to find out more details, you can contact us by email.  My sponsor and enroller ID: 1202281. 


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