Ideas for Upcycled Mother’s Day Gifts

By 25/02/2019 May 31st, 2019 Unique Gift Ideas

Would you like to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day, but still make ethical, eco-friendly choices about what you buy?

Earrings made from upcycled electrical wire Mother's Day gift ideas blog

Handcrafted earrings from Paguro – made from recycled electrical wire

We’ve put together some of our favourite upcycled gift ideas, so you can buy the perfect Mother’s Day present, safe in the knowledge that what you purchase is made from materials that would otherwise be going to landfill or littering our planet.

Handcrafted earrings from Paguro – made from recycled electrical wire

Our beautiful earrings have been handmade using a traditional Celtic design, but the electrical wire that they’re made from helps to give them a distinctive, contemporary feel.

They’re available in three colour options, each with a burst of brightness that will tie in perfectly with all the spring flowers that will be blooming by Mother’s Day. Plus, they’ll look great dressed up or down and they’re really lightweight, so your mum will be able to get loads of wear out of them.

A gorgeous woven blanket from Weaver Green – made from recycled plastic bottles

These gorgeous blankets look and feel like wool, yet they’re made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. In fact, a staggering 300 bottles go into each blanket!

Due to the nature of the material, the blankets are easy to clean, hard-wearing and mould-resistant. Perfect for picnics when the weather warms up.

As well as blankets, Weaver Green makes all sorts of textile products using this material and has already recycled over 65 million plastic bottles in their first three years of trading – 40% of which were in rivers heading for the ocean.

A stylish clutch from Paguro – made from upcycled rubber

Clutch bag made from upcycled inner tubes Mother's Day gift ideas blog image

A stylish clutch from Paguro – made from upcycled rubber

This clutch is one of our most popular pieces. It’s so stylish, incredibly functional and it’s made from upcycled inner tubes using an eco-friendly, cruelty-free process. What more could you want from a bag?

You’ll find a velvet-lined, zip-up compartment where your mum can keep her cash and cards, as well as a separate one that closes with a popper for her mobile phone. Plus, there’s a detachable wrist strap to keep it secure when she’s carrying it.

A stunning vase from The Recycled Glassware Company – made from recycled glass

Many people just get their mum flowers for Mother’s Day, but why not go one step further and buy her this striking vase to go with some beautiful blooms?

There are an assortment of colours and shapes available on the website, though we particularly love this solid blue one. All of them are made from recycled glass and, as a company, The Recycled Glassware Company really strives to reduce their impact on the environment to ensure that your purchase is an eco-friendly choice.

An elegant candle holder from Paguro – made from a reclaimed whisky barrel 

Candle holder made from reclaimed whisky barrel Mother's Day gift ideasblog image

An elegant candle holder from Paguro – made from a reclaimed whisky barrel

If your mum is proud of her home and loves to include different textures in her interior design, then our reclaimed oak candle holder is perfect for her.

They’re made from whisky barrels sourced from Scottish distilleries, and will bring a rustic, yet modern edge to any room.

Luxurious fingerless gloves from Turtle Doves – made from recycled cashmere jumpers

As spring arrives and the weather begins to warm up, gloves may seem an odd choice for a gift suggestion, but these fingerless gloves are perfect for those in-between days where it’s a bit chilly in the morning or it cools quickly in the evening.

They’re super soft as they’re made from cashmere, but you don’t have to worry about adding to mass consumption as all the wool they use is from pre-loved clothing.

Beautiful flowers from Sarah Turner Eco Art and Design – made from recycled plastic bottles

Flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, but mass-farmed cut flowers have a huge environmental cost. That is unless they are made from upcycled plastic bottles that would have otherwise been heading to landfill, like these ones.

These daffodils are our favourite. They’re as beautiful as the real thing – plus they’ll last forever!

Hopefully there’s something here that your mum will love, but if you’re still not sure what to buy her for Mother’s Day, you could always get her a gift voucher so she can choose her own upcycled gift.