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Care Instructions

Can I wash the Netting products?

Hand washing is recommended. Wiping with a damp cloth, with a light detergent, should be adequate in most circumstances.

How do I care for Inner Tube products?

The rubber of the inner tubes is extremely durable, so it shouldn’t need much looking after. There’s no need for waxing, protective sprays or heavy detergents. Water and a soft cloth should be ideal for the job.

How do I care for the leather products?

In order to keep the leather in good condition, we would recommend using a weather proofing spray to protect the material from the rain. The leather may also dry out over time so you can give it a clean & condition every 8 – 12 weeks using a leather conditioner.

Will the colour from the bags and accessories transfer to my clothes?

Netting Products:

We have received no feedback to suggest that the colour on the netting has run or transferred to clothing.

Inner tube Products:

The inner tube material is carefully cleaned before it is used and we have received no feedback from customers suggesting that marks have been left. The material is entirely water resistant and so it can be cleaned without harming the product, if you are in any doubt.

Leather Products:

The colour from the leather can transfer to lighter clothes, so be careful, particularly when the material is damp.