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Shambala Festival 2018 – You should’ve been there.

By 12/09/2018 May 31st, 2019 Past Events

If you’re ever looking to find the perfect vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and eco-conscious festival, Shambala Festival is the place for you. Based in the East Midlands region of England, Nottinghamshire is the home to the diverse and life bursting Shambala Festival. With a range of music, performances, food and stalls, there is quite literally something for everyone.

For those who are interested in Shambala Festival, you have just missed the mark, August 23 – 26. However, we can give you an intensive and detailed account of what you did miss, including Paguro’s stall, in case you didn’t feel left out enough already and to give you an idea of what there is to look forward to next year. Let’s look at the top 4 highlights of this years Shambala Festival and why it is the go-to for the eco-conscious.


Music. The heart and soul of any festival. This year Shambala Festival really captured the music scene with performances from a range of artists and DJ’s from across the globe. Shambala Festival was looking to praise and celebrate the current global music scene, and there was no better way to do this than to hold a festival with over 300 artists, bands, DJ’s and performers from all genres and countries. From folk music to vintage remixes, tribute acts and feminist bands, Shambala Festival really does cater to every musical need.

If you still feel bad you missed it you can find a handpicked playlist on Spotify that is bursting with the festival’s favourites. Have a listen, immerse yourself in the Shambala Festival 2018 music lineup and get yourself hyped up for next year.


Entertainment doesn’t come short form at Shambala Festival. Whether it’s for yourself or the kids, there is something to suit all ages and interests. This year, Shambala Festival catered to all interests and can even be the reason for some taking an interest in something new. Knowing that you will be at Shambala Festival for a whole weekend can seem daunting, will you be able to keep the kids entertained? Will you find something to fill your evening? What will you do if the weather turns? Shambala has it covered. This year the festival was home to over 90 performances and spectacles to watch, listen to and take part in, so you didn’t need to worry about there ever being a dull moment.

From drag queen bingo to poetry slams, mime acts to cirque bijou aerial shows there really was something for each individual.


If you fancy yourself as a foodie, Shambala Festival is the place to be. This year the festival was home to over 40 meat-free food vendors with a range of tasty small bites and large lunches to feed their dancing, singing and go-getting festival participants. Whether you were looking for authentic American, tantalizing Thai or Mexican munchables, Shambala Festival had it covered. For those who are less inclined to savoury, there was also a vast array of all things sugary to feed those with a sweet tooth, from ice cream to crepes Shambala kept things sweet and simple. The long festival weekend left a lot of room for trying eye-popping, mouthwatering, colourful and hearty festival cuisine that was prepared by the amazing teams of food vendors. This included; Happy Maki Sushi, Shamburgers, Anna Mae’s mac and cheese, The Crumble Shack, Deli Posh Dogs, Yellow Turban Tali and The Cake Hole. Shambala doesn’t just bring music from around the world, but food too.


Keeping the kids occupied at Shambala Festival isn’t a problem. The festival is home to Playtopia, a child-friendly activity group that’s packed with entertainment and activities to keep them happy all day long. The kids are also welcome to get involved in other activities that Shambala has to offer, like the golf course, craft workshops and woodland tribe. If you’re looking for more adult down time there is an onsite creche that makes sure your little ones are cared for and chilled-out. Shambala Festival makes a great weekend escape with the family if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty for the adults too. This year Shambala Festival had over 80 activities and crafts to get stuck into, both indoor and outdoor, depending on how adventurous you felt. Sewing, origami, wood carving, ceramics, poetry and printmaking were just some of the amazing crafts that anyone of any skill or interest could get their teeth into. With so much to do and choose from, there’s never time to sit still, but if you are looking to relax there is the Shambala Springs Spa. The luxury, yet rustic, spa area nestled on the shores of the lake.

This year, Shambala Festival had a great array of stalls and setups where you could buy amazing vegan, cruelty-free and recycled products for the duration of your festival fun or as a little something to take home. This year, Paguro had the chance to showcase its amazing products to the Shambala Festival goers. With a setup at Lake Island, Paguro had the chance to showcase all of its bespoke upcycled fashion accessories.

If you feel bad about missing out on the chance to purchase bespoke and handcrafted vegan bags and accessories, we have the solution. Go online to find out more about how we repurpose a range of materials in desirable and elegant ways, and purchase yourself a piece of Shambala Festival fashion.  https://paguroupcycle.com