Sustainable Fashion: How you can make your own clothes

By 03/01/2019 May 31st, 2019 Blog - View from the Rock Pool, Vegan Lifestyle

Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to start with ethical high street stores, it can start at home. No one knows your fashion taste, likes and dislikes better than you do, so what better way to tackle sustainable fashion than to make your own clothes. With so many changes occurring in the sustainable fashion industry, it can be hard to know exactly which retailers are doing right and which are doing wrong; by making your own clothes, you can make your own sustainable fashion choices and tailor what you make to your taste.

Why are people making their own clothes?

Many are wondering exactly what it is that’s getting people into DIY fashion, but there isn’t just one answer. There are lots of reasons why many are taking to making their own clothes in aid of sustainable fashion. One of the top reasons for making or adapting clothes is down to the death of the high street tailor. With such limited high street resources, people are turning to their own skills and interests to alter their clothes or to make something entirely new. Although there has been a decline in readily available tailoring experts, a new wave of teaching has hit the younger generation: the return of the home economics class or, as it’s better known as today, textiles. Young people are once again being taught how to sew and tailor fabrics on their own accord, allowing the process to evolve and sustainable fashion to grow. The increase in young people sewing and the rise of the crafting revival has led to a true development in sustainable fashion.

The increase in those choosing to make their own clothes has also stemmed from our current society. The nature of our throwaway society has led people to make the most of what is around them, whether that be changing up a skirt or making a new one out of recycled materials, there are endless sustainable fashion opportunities. There is also nothing that changes faster than style, so it’s no wonder we find it so difficult to keep up with changing trends and end up with lots of garments with a one time only wear that continually sit at the back of the wardrobe or are thrown away. Sustainable fashion is about having key pieces that last a lifetime both in wear and style, and what better way to achieve this than through making your own, by doing this, you can choose exactly how you want your garment to look. Changing its style as many times as you need to suit all occasions and trends.

The tools to create sustainable fashion

Finding out exactly what tools you need to make your own clothes and sustainable fashion pieces doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With even the most basic of equipment, you can create some of the most exciting fashion pieces. Your top priority, however, is a sewing machine. Although they can seem expensive, sewing machines are an essential investment if you are truly aiming to make your own clothes and welcome sustainable fashion into your lifestyle. If you want to continue down the route of sustainable fashion, then why not source an old machine and fix it up or see if you know anyone who is selling one; it can be much cheaper and better than buying a brand new machine and makes use of already existing equipment. Alongside your sewing machine, you will need some other basic tools; dressmaking scissors, a tape measure, pins and a pincushion, tailoring chalk, needles and an abundance of threads along with your material of choice will allow you to create your sustainable fashion items. The more complex your work becomes, the more equipment you may need, but for beginners stepping into sustainable fashion, the basics will see you through.

How to create your own sustainable fashion pieces

Making your own clothes can seem like a daunting step, but with time, practice and the right equipment, you can easily make your own pieces that encourage the push for sustainable fashion. When making your own clothes, making the most of what is already around you is a great place to start. Buttons, sequins, zips and scrap fabrics are all things that tend to go to waste when they could instead be used to help make a fashion piece that is truly unique. Scraps can be sourced from a huge variety of places both in person and online, letting you make interesting pieces for your wardrobe that boast and promote the nature of sustainable fashion. Once you have a bank of materials and a couple of interesting patterns, you’re ready to hit the machine. Taking your time and persevering when you make mistakes is the key to getting it sustainable fashion right. Simply by making your own clothes, you’re doing something positive, so don’t be put off by the intensity of the work.

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