Vegan Tattoos: How you can get the ink that matches your lifestyle

By 10/01/2019 May 31st, 2019 Blog - View from the Rock Pool, Vegan Lifestyle

Over the last few years, the increased focus on vegan tattoos has brought a lot of change to the tattoo industry. With the popularity of vegan tattoos influencing change in both tattoo products and processes, this shift in tattooing is another way that the vegan lifestyle is becoming much more accessible and simple to take up. So how can you make the most of these changes to ensure that you can proudly wear vegan tattoos in the future? Getting to know exactly what goes into the tattoo process is key to working out whether an inking session is vegan-friendly, let’s take a look at the considerations that go into creating vegan tattoos so that you can have the confidence to go ahead with your next piece of art.

Think ink

When it comes to creating vegan tattoos, the inks used during the process are the first thing to look out for as they’ll directly influence whether your tattoo matches your ethics or not. Although there are many tattoo inks out there that are vegan-friendly, this doesn’t rule out all inks on the market. Vegan tattoos can be more than meets the eye, each colour of tattoo ink includes a varying cornucopia of ingredients, some of which aren’t vegan-friendly, so understanding exactly what each one contains will help you to make sure that your body is free from animal-based products. Vegan tattoos rule out ingredients such as glycerine, gelatin and bone char, all of which are common ingredients used in traditional tattoo inks in order to achieve certain colours and pigments. As long as your artist has a clear understanding of the inks on their studio shelves and chooses to use the latest formulations, you can be on your way to a powerful piece of vegan art.

Ethical studio equipment

Although it’s essential to know what ingredients are going into your new artwork, vegan tattoos concentrate on more than just what goes into the ink. You might not have realised it, but many other tattoo studio essentials and equipment can contain animal-based products. Stencil papers are often made using lanolin, a substance derived from sheep’s wool, that is found in the waxy transfer of the paper. If your studio is creating vegan tattoos, they’ll opt for vegetable and natural waxes to make sure tattoo process isn’t tainted by any animal products. Even studio essentials such as razors and cleansing soaps aren’t always vegan-friendly. Alongside lanolin, many studio products can be found to have animal-derived ingredients such as glycerine and beeswax, making them unsuitable for use when it comes to creating vegan tattoos. Achieving vegan tattoos is possible, though it may involve some research into exactly what supplies your studio uses, asking your artist is the best way to get the answers you need.

Animal-free aftercare

Once a vegan tattoo has been created, in comes the aftercare process. Vegan tattoos are as easy to maintain as any regular tattoo and, as the popularity of vegan tattoos grows, more and more vegan aftercare products are becoming available. When it comes to thinking about which aftercare products are well-suited to vegan tattoos, you may be surprised to find out that many balms and moisturisers that are available on the market contain animal products. Looking out for any oils or fats, along with honey, propolis or royal jelly when picking out your aftercare essentials will make sure that you’re taking care of your new artwork in a way that’s suitable for your choice of lifestyle. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more natural alternative to aftercare, organic options such as shea butter and olive oil can do just the trick for healing your tattoo.

Finding your artist

Whilst you might be eager to start covering your body with vegan tattoos, to get started you’ll need to find the right studio who know all there is to creating vegan tattoos. Although the market for vegan tattoos is still relatively small, it is growing at a rapid pace, meaning finding an artist to provide you with top quality vegan tattoos is slowly but surely becoming easier. Many studios are beginning to embrace the processes used for vegan tattoos; thanks to many of the vegan studio alternatives being just as suitable as traditional ones, artists can continue to create great, unique art all whilst taking a positive stance for animals and the environment. Finding an artist who specialises in vegan tattoos can be simple and stress-free, with a range of online tools and communities now available to offer guidance and recommendations.

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