Veganuary: Dispelling the myths

By 18/01/2019 May 31st, 2019 Vegan Lifestyle

Veganuary is taking over. This New Year, it seems more and more people are taking the pledge to help animals, the environment and their own health. Veganuary is all about encouraging the population to take on the challenge of going vegan for a month in the hopes of inspiring people to continue with the vegan lifestyle in the long run.

Getting to grips with how Veganuary works and how you can do your part is pretty simple. From cutting out meat from your diet to not buying leather, each element of veganism is a small step taken to create some of the biggest impacts. However, there are still a lot of factors that put people off trying the vegan lifestyle, even if it is just for Veganuary. Let’s take a look at some of the top vegan myths and how we can help you know the rights from the wrongs.

Don’t vegan diets lack protein?

Even though Veganuary is inspiring more people to change their ways, one of the most common misconceptions that stops people from altering their lifestyle choices is the fear that vegan diets don’t offer enough protein. Whilst meat is considered the main source of protein for many, it isn’t the only option. You can make your Veganuary a successful one by finding your protein from the same source as animals; plant-based foods. Green vegetables, beans and pulses, grains and nuts are all great sources of protein that are both meat-free and full of flavour. Your Veganuary can also look at everyday foods that you already have in your pantry for protein, such as pasta and potatoes. Other vegan protein alternatives include seitan, tempeh, quinoa and nut butters. The dishes you plate up for Veganuary don’t have to lack protein, it’s just about knowing which foods you can source it from.

Isn’t a vegan diet restrictive?

Many shy away from committing to Veganuary thinking that the vegan diet is too restrictive, but it’s far from it. Many households are already stocked up with lots of vegan-friendly foods making your shot at Veganuary seem a little less daunting. Most jams, cereals, herbs, sauces, biscuits and tinned goods are vegan-friendly, making the store-cupboard essentials in your kitchen only the beginning of your vegan food adventure. If you’re one to enjoy home cooked meals, the internet is the best tool that you can rely on. Vegan-focused websites, forums and social media all make great Veganuary resources; they’re home to endless recipes and ideas that are bursting with inspiration for your Veganuary. If you’re not so interested in eating at home during your Veganuary, you don’t need to worry, many restaurants now offer vegan dishes and alternatives, making eating out during Veganuary less of an impossible task. Restrictions only exist in a vegan diet if you’re not open to trying a few new things. Experimenting with vegan-friendly ingredients will open your diet up to a world of food and flavour opportunities this Veganuary.

Isn’t honey suitable for vegans?

Taking on Veganuary can leave you struggling to understand what does and what doesn’t constitute as vegan, with one of the most common confusions being around products that are derived from bees. As we know, bees make honey naturally, which is where a lot of people tackling this alternative lifestyle become a bit morally confused. The reason bees produce honey naturally is because they need it, though the process is incredibly hard work. Bees exert exceptional effort when it comes to collecting nectar, making the honey and storing it, only for it all to be taken away and replaced with a human-derived sugar water substitute when farmed. Factors like this are leading to the decline in the bee population, consequently making any bee products or by-products unsuitable for vegans. Ruling out any bee products from your lifestyle during Veganuary is just one great way you can help animals, try new alternatives and help to do your bit for the bees.

With so many health benefits of going vegan, trying out Veganuary could be just what your lifestyle needs. Research shows that people who have vegan or vegetarian diets are at much lower risk of various illnesses including diabetes and heart disease. What’s more, Veganuary is also a great way to become healthier and lose weight after the festive period as vegan diets naturally tend to reduce your calorie intake, promoting healthy weight loss. Veganuary has so many advantages, so why not make it part of your lifestyle, even if it is just for a month.

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