World Vegan Month: The history of veganism

By 09/11/2018 May 31st, 2019 Blog - View from the Rock Pool, Vegan Lifestyle

This November, we celebrate world vegan month. In short form, veganism is an extreme extension of vegetarianism; it’s a diet and lifestyle that doesn’t consist of any animal products or by-products. A lot has changed in terms of the vegan diet, lifestyle and history over the last couple of centuries. Let’s take a look back in time and explore exactly what it is that World Vegan Month celebrates, and how you can get involved.

History of veganism

To get to know World Vegan Month a little better, we can look back at where it all started. The term ‘veganism’ was coined in 1944, yet the concept of this lifestyle can be traced back to ancient Indian and eastern Mediterranean societies. As early as 500BC, the famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras promoted compassion between man and animal as he followed what could be described as a vegetarian diet. Jump to 1806 and true patterns of veganism are beginning to emerge with protestors publicly objecting to eggs and dairy due to ethical grounds. By 1847, the first vegetarian society was formed. Skip forward 97 years and the first vegan society was set-up to set aside people who did not eat dairy and eggs from vegetarians. The word ‘vegan’ is taken from the first three and last two letters of vegetarian and is said to mark both the beginning and end of vegetarianism.

With World Vegan Month being founded in 1944, we can all make the celebration of the vegan lifestyle something of a tradition. With over 74 years of history under its belt, the vegan society has helped guide thousands of lifestyles, diets and individuals to a more ethical and environmentally way of living. Celebrating World Vegan Month is a great way to support the amazing changes that have happened over the last 74 years and whether you’re vegan or not, simply supporting those around you is a great way to get involved.

The vegan diet

When it comes to celebrating World Vegan Month and veganism as a whole, the lifestyle can be adapted to what suits your individual needs. There are no set rules on how to be a vegan, so tailoring the diet to your individual lifestyle is an easy way of staying happy and eating what you want while still doing your bit for animals and the environment.

Going vegan isn’t just an ethical stance, it’s also a way of supporting your health. World Vegan Month celebrates more than just helping animals and the environment, it focuses on how we can help ourselves. The vegan diet does amazing and wonderful things for our bodies. Many people are quick to believe that the vegan diet isn’t beneficial because it doesn’t focus on in dairy and protein, but there are hundreds of vegan-friendly alternatives. A healthy and balanced vegan diet has been said to help lower cardiovascular disease, support weight loss and help to clear skin. If you haven’t ever thought of going vegan, what better time than to try it out. Help to celebrate world vegan month by taking on the vegan one-week diet challenge, you never know the impact it might have.

Cruelty-free lifestyle

Celebrating World Vegan Month doesn’t just mean focusing on the food side. World Vegan Month celebrates veganism as a lifestyle, not just a diet. There are many things that go into a fully functioning vegan lifestyle, including clothes, beauty products and socialising. A lot of what can be found around us in our day to day life isn’t always vegan, so getting to know what is and isn’t vegan can be quite surprising. Chewing gum, tattoos, makeup brushes, candles and beer are just some of the day to day products that aren’t actually vegan. However, World Vegan Month celebrates and embraces the changes to the market and the increase in products available that have opened up veganism to be easier and more accessible. You don’t have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle to become vegan or vegetarian, just the smallest of steps can help you maintain a more ethical and environmentally friendly way of living.

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