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Paguro Awards & Nominations

Dec 01, 2014

BTAA Fashion Accessory Award 2014

 Fashion Accessory Award Nomination 

We are very pleased that Paguro have been shortlisted for the British Travelgoods & Accessories Association (BTAA) Fashion Accessory of the Year Award for 2014. Even though the brand is only one year old, their ethical fashion accessories are certainly bringing something new to the UK fashion industry. 

Paguro produce a range of handmade bags, jewellery and accessories using reclaimed and repurposed materials. Their designers, Smateria and Sapu have turned functional materials such as construction netting and tyre inner tubes into a range of fashion accessories for women, men and children. 

Each piece in the collection is handmade. Paguro works with social enterprises and artisan groups in Cambodia and Indonesia who combine traditional handcrafting techniques with modern materials to create accessories of real quality. 

The ethical concern of their products is not confined to the environmentally-friendly materials. Paguro’s designers attempt to follow fair trade principles in the creation of their products and also provide a free pre-school and free accommodation for their employees and employees’ children.

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