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Recycled Buses & Lorries Inner Tubes

Unlike your bicycle tyres, the puncture repair kit will not save the inner tubes of bus and truck tyres. If not rescued by our designers, these rubber tubes would be consigned to landfill or incinerated.

Instead they are reclaimed from transport companies in Indonesia to be handcrafted into bags, jewellery and other accessories.The varied texture of the rubber gives each item a distinctive character and, although reused, the material remains extremely hardwearing.

Recycled Oak Barrels

Imbued with the character of some of Scotland’s finest scotch whiskies, these reclaimed oak barrel staves bring an air of sophistication to the world of upcycling.

Our UK-based craftsmen use the patterns and markings of the reclaimed wood to create individual and distinctive home accessories, whilst the distinctive scent adds another sensory experience.

Recycled Bike Chains

Handmade in the UK, these beautiful accessories are made using broken bike parts sourced from bike shops around Nottingham.

Recycled Motorcycle Tyre

Motorcycle is a common form of transports in South East Asia. With the abundance of tyres that been discarded, our artisan salvage them from the motorbike repair shops around in Bali turn them into belts.

Leather Offcuts

Sourced from the home of Italy’s leather industry, Tuscany, these offcuts have been given a new life. Using their inimitable style, Smateria have fashioned a range of eye-catching and distinctive designs which perfectly show off the pattina and texture of this unmistakeable material.

For those who love upcyling, but can’t live without that leather bag, this might just be the perfect combination.

Recycled Army Tents

Made using reclaimed canvas which is salvaged from broken military tents, our bags are water proof and durable.

Recycled Skateboards

Created by a devoted skater, the jewellery provides the perfect opportunity to combine his two dual passions of skating and crafting. Having salvaged the broken skateboards, he creates these beautiful accessories by hand.

Wood Offcuts

Our artisans have salvaged offcuts of oak, teak and mahogany from the furniture industry to create their elegant range of jewellery. Their designs perfectly combine the shade and grain of the wood with natural colours and metal accessories.